About Moria International

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Moria International Co. is one the swallow nest producer and exporter companies in Indonesia. Headquartered in Surabaya, East Java, our company expertise has been derived since 1970 when we started to trade cave swallow nest as one of the commodities in crop trading. At present, we are engaging almost in all kinds of nest item which ranged from the most popular house nest to grass net, feather nest and the rare wild cave nest located in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Our processing factory infrastructure is here to bridge between the raw material seller and the finished products buyer. We have the most complete product range, aiming to serve you with one-stop satisfaction. Our performance helps you to be focused only on your marketing activities and we also try to provide your other necessities in this business. As a registered healthy-food processing company, we maintain to keep our products' health standard by applying the Good Handling Practices in our processing plant. Our production process assures products hygiene and applies no chemical substance which guarantees that our product is safe to consume. If necessary, we can attach sanitary certificate in every shipment. With our business philosophy, expertise and efficiency, we are here to become your most reliable and trusted partner.